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Discover 8 Secrets to Getting Toned Abs … In Your Sleep

You’ve been wanting to get toned abs for years.


You’ve been hitting the gym for some time now, and you’ve been wondering when they’re going to show up.


You’ve been putting in the work.


You’re getting up early, staying committed, and you get an intense sweat on every time.


But why is it every time you look in the mirror, that toned set of abs you’ve been dreaming about isn’t staring back at you yet?


If you're like most people, getting your abs to show up is the hardest part of sculpting your body.


You’ve got toned arms and legs, and you have way more energy. So how do you convince a six pack to show up to the party? The answer is simple:


A good night’s rest.


You’re thinking… yeah right. How will sleeping give me six pack abs?


Well, first you have to look at the key to making your abdomen shine.


Getting a six-pack has much less to do with building up huge abdomen muscles, and more about weight loss. You can have the most robust core in the world, but if it’s covered by a big belly, no one will ever know.


The solution to getting your abs to show is getting rid of all the fat around your belly.


Your body needs a variety of things to operate at a high level.


You know the basics: You need 30 minutes a day of cardio. You need to eat healthy, whole foods. You need to drink water throughout the day… and…


Your body needs time to recover. The perfect way to recover every day is through sleep.


But don’t take my word for it… see what the experts have to say.


A researcher from the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory, Cheri Mah, M.S. says, “...a good night’s rest is a foundation that allows you to train and perform at your best.”


Your sleep is one of the most critical aspects of your health and fitness. It plays a much more significant role than most people give it credit for.


In fact, many people are lacking big time in the sleep department. According to a study of U.S. adults, 30% of American adults are getting fewer than six hours of sleep most nights. Yes, apart from being one of the most obese countries in the world, the US is also one of the most sleep-deprived. It’s time to start looking at the relationship between these two factors and what you can do about it.


How Does Poor Sleep Increase Belly Fat?


  1. Poor sleep can be a significant trigger in obesity and weight gain.


Researchers have connected poor sleep to weight gain and a higher body mass index (BMI)for years.


Weight changes start occurring when people get under seven hours of sleep each night.


Short sleep cycles increase the likelihood of obesity in children by 89% and in adults by 55%.


In one experimental study, 16 adults slept for only five hours each night. This experiment lasted for five nights. The participants gained an average of 1.8 pounds throughout the study.


  1. Poor sleep can increase appetite.


Several studies show that people who are lacking in sleep have an increased appetite.


Ghrelin and leptin are two hormones that interact with sleep. Both begin to work backward when you don’t get enough sleep.


Leptin, the hormone that suppresses hunger, slows down when you lack sleep. Ghrelin increases appetite, and it speeds up.


  1. Poor sleep can increase your stress levels.


Lack of sleep will lower the activity in the frontal lobe of your brain. This area governs self-control and decision-making.


The hormone cortisol is active when you are lacking sleep which increases stress. And you know how tempting it is to get some fast food or pizza when you’re stressed.


When you get enough sleep, you help your brain to help you make better dietary choices.


Now you know why the fat stays on and hides your abs. So, what changes can you make in your sleep that will help you with your weight loss so you can start to show off those abs?


Here Are 8 Ways You Can Shed The Weight Off Your Belly In Your Sleep To Get The Abs You’ve Always Dreamed Of


  1. Start sleeping 7-8 hours every night


Kick start your weight loss by getting enough sleep.

Trouble starts to kick in with weight gain when you get under seven hours of sleep. So, to make sure you are on top of your game, get at least seven hours sleep. Eight hours is preferable.


It’s not always straightforward with balancing work, a social life, and even children. But, if you want to make your health and fitness a priority, then you’re going to have to make the time. That's the only way you'll get the abs you've always wanted.


  1. Slow down on the coffee (and all the caffeine) in the afternoon


If you’re having trouble falling asleep, then you need to change what you’re drinking during the day.


Tossing for more than 10-15 minutes means that your mind is too stimulated to enter into a deep sleep.


Caffeine impacts the central nervous system in your body. It's harder for you to get a deep sleep if it’s in your body for too long.


If you drink coffee, you have to make sure (if you drink that second cup during the day) that it’s done by the early afternoon. The later you drink a cup of coffee or even a green tea, the harder it will be to fall asleep.


If you still have trouble try cutting out coffee for a day or two (you’ll survive), and then see how you sleep.


  1. Drink milk

You might think this is an odd tip, and you’re right. But it works.


Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan which helps you sleep better.


It also assists in muscle recovery. This benefit is due to the combination of carbohydrates and protein. By drinking a small glass with dinner or soon after, you will set yourself up for success by getting to bed quicker. You will also allow your muscles to recover quicker throughout the night.


  1. Avoid drinking anything 45 minutes before going to bed


This may sound contradictory to tip number three, but it isn’t.


How many times do you get up in the night to go to the bathroom? One? Two? More?

Getting high-quality sleep is very difficult if you’re waking up throughout the night.


Our body goes through sleep cycles which peak at the 45-minute mark. If you have too much liquid in your body before you go to bed, you’ll be disrupting its natural cycles. This disruption will cause you to get less deep sleep. Your body has to start all over again trying to get into REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep.


Try to have your last glass of water (or milk) 45 minutes before going to bed. In that way, you will sleep through the night.


  1. Set your room temperature between 60°-68°


Studies show that when the room temperature drops, it allows you to sleep better.


Think of how hard it is to sleep (especially in the summer) when it’s super-hot at night. Your body needs a lower temperature to relax before sleeping.


The ideal temperature range is between 60°-68° Fahrenheit (15°-20° Celsius).


Cooling your body down to get a good night's sleep can help maximize the human growth hormone as well. This hormone gives you bigger abs much faster.


  1. Make a routine and stick to it


Your sleep cycles are a part of you.


The term “Night Owl” comes to mind when thinking of sleep cycles. If you work a night shift, you're used to sleeping and waking at certain times.


If you are an “Early Riser,” then your body knows that when the sun rises, you rise.


Our body needs routine. Our sleep quality depends on it. That’s why small children get cranky when they don’t get enough sleep.


By keeping a consistent routine, your body can enter and exit sleep much quicker. This consistency can lead to a higher quality of sleep.


  1. Take a hot bath in the evening


To get a good night’s sleep (and assist in weight loss), your body needs to be in a state of relaxation. It’s tough for you to fall asleep if you’re always stimulated or stressed.


One of the best things you can do to prepare for bed is by taking a hot bath. This will ease your body into relaxation.


It can also reduce stress from the day. It allows your mind to relax, which you also need when getting into a deep sleep.


One of the bonuses I’m sure you’re aware of is the fact that you’ll be doing justice for your muscles as well. A hot bath can aid in muscle recovery so you can get back to building up a robust set of abs during the day at the gym.


Don’t take a bath right before bed as it will raise your body temperature. Remember, your body needs to be cooler to get to sleep. Instead, try taking it 1-2 hours before bed.


  1. You’re better than that midnight snack


It’s very tempting to go for a little snack right before hitting the sheets. It’s been a while since dinner, you’re thinking, one little treat won’t hurt... Plus, you can’t sleep when you’re hungry, right?


Wrong. It is true that it is difficult to sleep when you're hungry. But, most of the time a craving for a late-night snack means your body needs water.


Your body doesn’t need the snack your mind is telling you to eat.


In fact, the body isn’t meant to digest food while sleeping. But that’s what it will do if you have that one snack before bed. That snack will disrupt your sleep and also lead to bloating in the morning. The stomach isn’t able to release the proper enzymes to break the food down in the night.


If you’re feeling snacky, sip a little bit of water or tea. Most of the time, it will do the trick.


Now you know all the tips and tricks when it comes to weight loss during sleep.


Your abs have been waiting for quite some time now to make an appearance, but don’t give up yet.


By starting with focusing on your sleep, you will be taking leaps and bounds towards a brand-new set of tight abs.


Most people don’t realize this one key to weight loss, and as you can tell, most people don’t have a toned set of abs to show off.


But now you can finally take advantage of this simple secret.


By taking control of your sleep, you are less stressed throughout the day. You’ll also have a suppressed appetite and lower body fat, leading to better abs.


Focusing on sleeping well is the most natural step you can take to look better and feel better.


Before you know it, you’ll be feeling confident at the beach, the gym, and wherever you’re out with friends. You can shock them by letting them know sleeping right did the trick for getting your toned abs.




P.S. Here are 3 simple bonus tips you can use to get a good night’s sleep tonight:


  1. Wear earplugs to block out the noise


  1. Block out light with an eye mask


  1. Set a “sleep alarm” to remind yourself to hit the sheets at the same time every night





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