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Sleeping in the Nude: 13 Benefits You Never Thought About

Sleep is one of the most important things to the human body. It provides a time for rest, rejuvenation and recharging the body (Smith, Robinson, & Segal, 2018).

We’re sure you already know the many benefits of getting the required amount of sleep every night. What we will discuss, though, is how much your sleeping habits influence the quality of your sleep.

By sleeping habits, we mean the clothes – or lack thereof – following you into bed, and how much they matter. If you are still going to bed in full pajamas, here are some benefits you are missing out on:


1.  Quality of Sleep

No matter what you spent the day doing, everyone deserves quality sleep when the time for it comes. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine did a recent study on sleep. It discovered that lower body temperature improves sleep quality. It gives you a cooling effect, which makes your sleep even more beneficial (Winter, 2013).

Wearing clothes to bed prevents your body from dropping its temperature. It then becomes almost impossible for you to enjoy your sleep as much as you want.


2.  Stress Reduction

You don’t need a study to tell you that stress is never a good thing. When it’s prolonged, it can become disastrous. It leads to cases of insomnia, depression and even more severe conditions like heart disease (Cline, 2017).

To restore the body to the typical functionality, you need to get proper rest.

You get your best sleep when your body can achieve the kind of low temperature that suits its resting phase. You only get that when you strip down to your bare bottoms.


3.  The Ability to Fall Asleep Faster

Have you been finding it hard to fall asleep? Are you taking too long to doze off from the time you actually lie on the bed? It might be time to lose clothing in favor of quality sleep time.

This is not sentiment, either. The National Sleep Foundation confirms that lowering your body temperature aids asleep.

Without clothes, you can get to this desired body temperature much faster. This translates into faster sleeping times for you. You don't have the frustration of not being able to catch sleep early enough, which can cause insomnia. There is also the benefit of getting more satisfaction from your rest.


4.  Fountain of Youth

Many have not seen this, but there is a hidden message in the Sleeping Beauty movie title.

While we don’t recommend sleeping for 100 years, getting deep sleep every time will keep you younger. This is because deep sleep helps the body release and process growth hormones. These hormones will keep your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated the next day.

As an added advantage, the growth hormones also help the body fight off infections. A buy-one-get-one-free promotion from the body, don’t you think?


5.  Building of Self Esteem

For those who lack self-esteem, a study has concluded that you might need to spend some more time in your own skin (Beauchemin, 2019).

You can literally do that by sleeping in the nude.

It allows you to see more of your own body. It makes you learn to appreciate the robust features and accepts the flaws. It will leave you with a healthy body image, a better confidence level, and high self-esteem.


6.  Improving Relationships

Cotton USA created a survey to know how much sleeping patterns influenced relationships. The results were stunning (Engel M., 2014).

Of the total nude sleepers who took the test, no less than 57% are pleased in their relationships. This is more than average but could still look like a small number without the comparison.

For one, only 48% of pajama fans can report the same happy status. It gets worse for those who go to bed in onesies, since only 38% of them are comfortable in their relationships.

This is not a scientific study. But we want to believe a sample space of 1,000 British adults is enough to draw a solid conclusion from.

The reason for such results is not far-fetched. Partners who sleep in the nude are more comfortable and open with their bodies. Likewise, skin-to-skin contact while cuddling will aid the release of oxytocin. This chemical, which the brain synthesizes, fuels intimacy.


7.  A Breather for you Skin

All day long, you cover up your body in different layers of clothing. On getting back home, changing into yet another set of clothes for bed is not the right course of action.

This is especially true for the sensitive parts of the body (think armpits, vaginas, and feet, to start with). By sleeping naked, you allow these parts of your body to breathe and feel the air on them.

That can save you a ton in yearly skincare spends.


8.  More Sex

We can go out on a limb to say you will have a better chance of having some sexy time at night if you sleep naked.

This does not mean you get to enjoy better sex. But it will happen more often than for those who go to bed with clothes. Chances are that it will also get better with time.

In effect, you will be killing two birds with one stone.


9.  Less Stress and Anxiety

Researchers have conducted many studies on the subject of sleep and emotions. In almost all, they have found a critical link between poor sleep and conditions such as depression.

In some extreme cases, poor sleep can even lead to suicidal thoughts and attempts. This tells how much good sleep does for not only the body but mind too.

Good sleep reduces the likelihood of stress and anxiety. Hitting the snooze button in the nude is a great way for you to get on the Great Sleep Express. Thus, nude sleeping keeps stress and anxiety away.


10.                Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight? Why not try doing it in your sleep too?

There are two ways to explain this:

Sleeping in the nude helps you lower your body’s temperature faster. Nude sleep will translate to a faster, better and deeper sleep. It also improves your chances of losing weight.

Sleeping naked exposes you to lower temperatures than usual. Your body knows what temperature it wants to maintain. Thus, it works overtime to maintain that range. Temperature regulation burns calories. Isn't that what your gym instructor has been telling you to do?


11.                Male Fertility Booster

US Researchers ran a recent study of 656 males. They wanted to find the impact of underwear choices on these men's fertility. Of these, the men who wore boxer shorts had a much higher fertility level. Those who chose to wear tight-fitting underwear were less successful at impregnation.

We imagine that these results would be higher if we had men who didn’t wear any underwear at all. Guess when you can get away with not wearing any? In bed. Imagine how much that will do for your fertility levels.


12.                Ease of Sleep

Imagine not having to think about what you’ll wear to bed tonight. Think of how much you get to save by not having to buy pajamas anymore. Consider how you now have one less set of clothes to worry about washing.

Of course, your bed sheets will need cleaning and changing more often. That is no trouble compared to the good deal you’ll be getting on all other fronts.


13.                Cortisol Regulation

Cortisol is one of the essential chemicals found in the body, but it can go haywire.

When you sleep with your clothes on, your body stays heated up through the night. Thus, your cortisol levels remain high. Such high levels of cortisol can lead to higher anxiety and cravings for junk food. These effects are recipes for more terrible things.

Lowering your cortisol levels can, thus, be as simple as keeping the clothes away at bedtime.


To Sum Up

 We bet that you didn’t give this much thought to how your clothes had been impacting your sleep. Clothes affect other aspects of your life as well. Now that you do know, what are you doing to change it?

We sure hope you are ditching those pajamas for a good night’s sleep in your birthday suit. After all, good sleep is about as executive as any deal can get.




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