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3 Sleep Tea - 3 pack Only

3 Sleep Tea - 3 pack Only
3 Sleep Tea - 3 pack Only

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Ancient “Super Tea” is helping women reclaim their Beauty-Sleep, Bloat Less, and Lighten Their Monthly! Order Now and Get Two Teas Today!


  • Sleep Like A Baby Again
  • A.M. Boost in Mental Clarity
  • "I FEEL ALIVE Again!"-Energy


The first of your two supernutrient teas is the Tea Flush Detox.  

Packed with 9 wholesome and natural nutrients, each calming cup-full is made up of:

  • Digestion and detox supporting Nettle Leaves to help flush out harmful chemicals and toxins from the body.
  • Refreshing Peppermint, and soothing Organic Chamomile Flower — a peaceful blend which is key for renewed energy and hair growth.  Then, we added…
  • Dandelion Leaf to enhance skin tone and rid the body of absorption robbing toxins
  • Orange Peel as a key source of copper, magnesium and Vitamin A — a triple action force that promotes healthy skin and shiny hair
  • Ginger Root as a delicious tummy soother
  • Organic Senna Leaf to safely assist with flushing your digestive system of ‘packed in’ toxins
  • Lemon Peel which contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice itself and is known to support weight loss, and finally…
  • Turmeric, the “spice of life”, to facilitate proper digestion of nutrients and round out Tea Flush Detox’s cast of superfoods.

Then, once your body is welcoming the nutrients to support digestion… boost detoxification… and help with a calm mind…

Phase 2 begins to provide scalp and hair follicle stimulation.


You’re feeling fresh, your digestion is improving, and you’re finally ready to absorb nutrients designed to give your hair a real boost in growth, texture, and shine — thanks to Phase 2, you’re on your way to a new you!

Packed with 11 hair-boosting ingredients, each cup of tea is made up of:

  • Organic Horsetail with active compound Silica to strengthens nails and hair, along with improving blood circulation which is essential for healthy hair follicles
  • Peppermint for it’s refreshing flavor, plus, known to stimulate hair follicles and blood flow around the scalp, leading to more effective nourishment
  • Organic Oatstraw is known to help relieve itchy, raw scalps, and also dandruff.  A perfect addition to this hair growth supporting tea!
  • Dried Organic Saw Palmetto Berries may block 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to the molecule responsible for hair loss, DHT
  • Licorice Root, once used in ancient Greece to keep the scalp moisturized, you’ll find it a soothing addition to help soothe dry scalp — a must if new hair is in your future
  • Lavender Flowers and Ginger Root, to help calm and soothe your whole body
  • Rose Hips, as a source of essential fatty acids helps repair, thicken, and rejuvenate dull, thinning strands
  • Burdock Root is a new-hair growth promoter that also seems to calm itchy scalp
  • Marshmallow Root, not to be confused with the ooey-gooey ones you roast on a cozy evening by the fire, has healing properties that help to revitalize both skin and hair.  And finally…
  • Wildcraft White Sage, a natural method for enhancing hair growth and thickening the hair at a cellular level could also soothe heartburn and gas!

Oh, and it’s delicious, too.

So don’t worry about some strange “health food taste”.

When you enjoy your first sip, you may think you’re getting away with something, but feel good knowing it’s all natural, healthy, and works!

Over 65,806  satisfied customers can’t be wrong!


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