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Crush Leaf's BeanStalk Shampoo System-Vitamin & Oil Set

Crush Leaf's BeanStalk Shampoo System-Vitamin & Oil Set
Crush Leaf's BeanStalk Shampoo System-Vitamin & Oil Set
Crush Leaf's BeanStalk Shampoo System-Vitamin & Oil Set
Crush Leaf's BeanStalk Shampoo System-Vitamin & Oil Set

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

You’re not going to find a Shampoo System guarantee like this anywhere else…

If You Don’t Absolutely Love
Beanstalk Hair Growth System, We’ll
Give You a No-Questions-Asked Refund AND
Buy You a Competitor’s Product as a Way to
Say Thank You for Giving Us a Chance

  • Incredibly Simple – Once a week application takes about 15 minutes…much less time than spending a full day at the doctor’s office or hours at the salon
  • Unbelievable Value – Get an 8 week supply for just $75.00…and start seeing results immediately
  • Amazing Growth- Bald Spots, Thinning, Permed or Natural Hair BeanStalk Works Wonders to regrow your hair
  • 95% All Natural – Our plant-based product heals and moisturizes your hair & scalp, strengthens damaged hair, stops hair shedding, and gives you beautiful and healthy hair
  • Best-In-The-Industry Guarantee – You have a full 60 days to decide if Beanstalk Hair Growth Vitamin is right for you. If you’re not 110% satisfied, email us and we’ll not only give you a no-questions-asked refund, but we’ll also buy you one of our competitor’s products (of equal or lesser value)




When we created this product line for you we never considered all that would happen:

We were able to display your results to the world. While you proving against all odds, that you were able to reclaim your crown and glory. We have read testimonials where customers have walked into their Dermatologist's office, just to say "Hello" and see the look on his face when they told him they grow their hair back. This is not a wig... THIS IS MY HAIR! #Power

Then There Is The Mother-Daughter Stories:

Mothers, grandmothers, and aunties use our product to change their daughter, granddaughters and niece's life at school. We all know how mean children can be at school and after using the product on the child's hair over the summer, her BACK TO SCHOOL Show Case was AWESOME. Mother's become #1 Moms. Grandmothers become #1 Grandmas and Aunties become "My FAVORITE AUNTIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD" This is why we work hard to deliver such an amazing product to all of you.


We all know Tracy’s story of walking down the Miami strip, with this beautiful yellow maxi dress on, turning heads and gaining attention. As a strong wind blew, Tracy held her dress in place and began to feel the wind on her head. As she looked around and placed her hand on her head, she noticed her wig was missing. (Thinning edges had caused to her pin the wig further and further back on her head). She felt the shock of that moment tear into her chest, as she turned and saw it laying behind her on the ground. She could also see the look of shock, on the faces of the same people, who were gawking over her. Overcome with emotion she flagged down a cab and cried her way home.

With BeanStalk, this is something you don’t have to experience. Any woman would gladly pay $175.00, let alone $75.00 to avoid reliving Tracy’s nightmare. Thankfully you won’t, now that you have BeanStalk in your life.


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Brenda Eldridge

Claudia Lawson


Lorna Camp


I look forward to the success that this product provides me and I will be making future purchases of this product thank you for the hair growth tips!

Jacqueline Thomas

About 3 Weeks

My sister told me of her hair loss around the edges and how Beanstalk grew her hair back. I ordered Beanstalk for my edges and after about 3 weeks I notice the hair starting to grow back. I do not wash my hair daily because of the texture of my hair, but I still see the growth.

Cara Brown

My Mother

Ordered this for my mother and she loved the results

Natalie Stein

Since I was 19

My hair begins balding on the edges when I was 19 years old. Then I started wearing wigs. I used all kinds of things to try to get my hair to grow but nothing seems to work. Until BEANSTALK. This is awesome. I actually have fuzz growing on my edges. Thank you for this product. I already ordered 3 more.



My package took longer than expected because of Canadian customs.

Esteban Mills

Thank you

The wife really enjoys your product for her hair. Thank you

Hans Wann

I have to give 5...

I have this treatment o be the best that I have used. I have fine hair and this thickens it up considerably. Not sure if it will grow hair as I have only used for close to 3 weeks but it does make an immediate impact on your hair condition. I have to give it 5 stars

Rosa Fouquet

So far

I've been using the product for 3 days .. I gotta like it so far... Hopefully, I can see results in two weeks like it says it will...

Sue Kwun

Beanstalk customer service

Beanstalk customer service contacted me twice on how the product was working out for me, once right after the purchase and then a month later. Someone replied to me within 24 hours of my emails. The customer service from the company is totally outstanding!

Carmen Koch


I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive it within three or four days after I was advised it was shipped. I just recently received it, but have used it once. I am interested to see if I have good results with this product. This is the reason for the fair rating. I will rate again after I use it more.

G. Coston


Awesome. It was delivered on time, was as expected and they even sent a follow-up email with suggestions on how to best use it to get the full benefits and effects from the product. I will definitely purchase again in the near future. Thank you.

Carlise H.

Baby hairs

It's only been a few days since I started using the product. I can see baby hairs are starting to show

No. of Bottles: 5

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